7-Eleven’s BCP Program

Posted on 03/03 at

7-Eleven’s Business Conversion Program (BCP) is a new program that offers qualified business owners the opportunity to convert their existing convenience stores into a 7-Eleven franchise.  Since its launch in 2005, 7-Eleven has added over 150 new locations.  This program has allowed many independent convenience store operators the ability to increase overall sales and differentiate themselves from competition with 7-Eleven’s quality brand name and products.  According to their research, a typical 7-Eleven store will service approximately 1,000 customers per day with an average sales figure of $3,935 in store sales.  Gas Stations USA was the first company in Florida to develop a 7-eleven BCP and currently has several locations available. For information on 7-11 stations thar are available in your area, feel free to call us at (386) 322-0673.