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Buyers’ FAQ

What are typical gas station expenses?

Below is a list of common expenses for a typical Gas Station / Convenience Store Operation. These figures are estimates and will vary depending on the location...

Can you help me with training?

Yes! We have been selling and operating gas stations since 1980 and this experience is passed on to our clients. We will assist you with vendors, licenses, franchises, employee hiring and other aspects of the business...

Success Stories

Daytona Beach, FL We helped an inexperienced buyer purchase a gas station for $200,000, negotiate a favorable supply contract, and implement initiatives to increase monthly sales volume. With substantial growth in profitability, the buyer sold the gas station several years later for $420,000.

Sell a Gas Station

Gas Stations USA specializes in gas stations, convenience stores and service stations.
By working with Gas Stations USA, you are choosing to work with someone who deals exclusively in your line of business. You will not get the experience and expertise that Gas Stations USA provides with a Business Broker. Would you hire a roofer to pave your drive way?  No, of course not, so don’t hire someone that sells laundry mats, hotels and strip malls to sell your gas station. Look no further than Gas Stations USA!

Gas Stations USA provides real ownership experience when evaluating and marketing your station. 
Gas Stations USA has been selling, developing and operating gas stations for over 25 years. The only person who can truly understand your business and how to market it is someone who has been in your shoes.

Gas Stations USA helps you by helping the buyer.  
We offer education and assistance to buyers before, during and after the transaction. By providing a helpful and knowledgeable environment to buyers, we generate trust, and insure that the buyers are confident when making offers.

Gas Stations USA has thousands of qualified buyers ready to buy.  
We currently have thousands of pre-qualified buyers that have contacted us through our website, ads, various mailings, and most importantly word of mouth. When you list with Gas Stations USA, your station is sent immediately to those buyers who match your station’s criteria.

Sell Your Location Now

Gas Stations USA helps you by helping the buyer. We have thousands of pre-qualified buyers, ready to purchase your location.

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Gas Stations USA is more than just a broker; we assist you throughout the business development process.