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Buyers’ FAQ

What are typical gas station expenses?

Below is a list of common expenses for a typical Gas Station / Convenience Store Operation. These figures are estimates and will vary depending on the location...

Can you help me with training?

Yes! We have been selling and operating gas stations since 1980 and this experience is passed on to our clients. We will assist you with vendors, licenses, franchises, employee hiring and other aspects of the business...

Success Stories

Daytona Beach, FL We helped an inexperienced buyer purchase a gas station for $200,000, negotiate a favorable supply contract, and implement initiatives to increase monthly sales volume. With substantial growth in profitability, the buyer sold the gas station several years later for $420,000.

Terms of Service

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Information Provided:

Information on individual and group listings is supplied by the Seller of the business and is not verified by Gas Stations USA. Prior to purchase, you or your accountant should validate all information provided.

Use of Information:

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