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Buyers’ FAQ

What are typical gas station expenses?

Below is a list of common expenses for a typical Gas Station / Convenience Store Operation. These figures are estimates and will vary depending on the location...

Can you help me with training?

Yes! We have been selling and operating gas stations since 1980 and this experience is passed on to our clients. We will assist you with vendors, licenses, franchises, employee hiring and other aspects of the business...

Success Stories

Daytona Beach, FL We helped an inexperienced buyer purchase a gas station for $200,000, negotiate a favorable supply contract, and implement initiatives to increase monthly sales volume. With substantial growth in profitability, the buyer sold the gas station several years later for $420,000.
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Success Stories

There is a reason why Gas Stations USA has been around for so long. We have never compromised our quality of service, and we maintain a relationship with our buyers and sellers long after the transaction. You will not find another full service gas station brokerage in the state of Florida that has been exclusively selling gas stations for as long as Gas Stations USA. We have the experience and networking that will help you become the most informed buyer or seller. Here is a list of buyers and seller that have benefited from our services:

Central FL

A closed station was purchased for $550,000 and after rebranding with a competitive supply agreement and some minor repairs it sold within 90 days for $1,100,000.

Marion County

We sold a remodeled closed station in Ocala for $940,000 to a foreign investor and first time buyer. Following our consultation and training, the buyer ran a clean, competitive and profitable business and sold the location 18 months later for $1,695,000.

St. Johns County

A first time buyer bought a new closed station in Jacksonville for $110,000. Within 2 years we sold the business for $330,000. If you are willing to work hard and use our knowledge of the business you can have similar results.

Volusia County

A first time buyer bought a new closed location. With our help getting a competitive supply agreement and training, the station reached sales of 110,000 gallons per month and over $115,000 in store sales in just 6 months.

Brevard County

We assisted a buyer in the purchase of a $1,900,000 station in foreclosure, after negotiations we were able to get the location for just $750,000.

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We have new gas station listings updating constantly. We offer our 30 years of experience to help you purchase, develop, and operate a profitable gas station.

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Contact a Gas Stations USA representative for more information on how to choose the right property, plan your purchase, and operate it successfully. More Questions? Contact Us