Truck Stops / Travel Centers For Sale in Florida & Georgia

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Truck Stops For Sale in Florida / Travel Centers For Sale in Florida and Georgia

Gas Stations USA has been selling large truck stops in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and the rest of the Southeast for over 25 years.  Our background in truck stops and gas stations operation has provided us with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to assist our clients in every step towards the purchase of a truck stop, travel center or gas station. Gas Stations USA is not just a broker, we will also help you set up your new business by assisting with financing, equipment upgrades, obtaining licenses, and acquiring the best fuel supply contract for your station. The best part is that it is all free to you; our fee is paid by the sellers.

Call for more information on all of the truck stops and travel centers for sale in Georgia, Alabama, Florida and the rest of the southeastern United States.

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